To jump start your plants we suggest you soak your seed as much as 12 hours prior to planing.

When planting have the product on hand and pour over your seeds after placing them in the ground and just prior to covering.Make sure you follow the dilution instructions as listed on the label.

Next we suggest that you spray the mixture to feed the leaves which is referred to as Foliar feeding.  Many studies for big crop growers are showing that roots are better to bring moisture into the plant for nutrition.Studies at the Universtiy of Michigan used radio active isotopes to track the same amount of nutrition applied to the soil and to the leaves: 10% or less of applied nutrition applied only to the soil actually gets taken up by the plant. 90% to 95% fed directly to green plan tissue in a liquid becomes available and is systematically absorbed and is rain fast.
HGC is a completely natural, bio-available ionic nutriional supplement utilizing a full spectrum of trace minerals that have been formulated to be ionic.Ionic means it is bio-available and that the minerals are ready to be accepted by the plant immediately. Other natural growth enhancers and growth simulators are included int he HGC formula.
HCG is in the process to qualify with OMRI, USDA and other organic certfications and organizations. Requirements are being met and qualifications are being applied for.
For years and even decades gardeners and farmers have harvested from the fields and plots without putting nutrients back into the soil. For years farmers have fertilized with MPK or Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium only, leaveing out critical trace minerals needed in the plants diet. HGC brings balance back into the diet of your garden and plants.